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Our training and development programs are designed to help highly experienced as well as new supervisors, lead hands and team leaders develop basic people management skills. These programs build champions in your workplace in a unique and very effective way.

Do you have supervisors and managers who have trouble managing others or managing themselves? Look no further. Here you will find the help you need to develop those people into productive, effective, positive-minded employees.

Do you want your newly-promoted supervisors to learn the basics of good management now? Call us to learn how we can help you to help them become good managers quickly.

We conduct talks, workshops, individual or group coaching and progressive applied learning courses in BC.

Here are some of the topics and skills from the six-lesson Workplace Champion program:

  • Self-confidence, motivation and leadership;
  • Time management for effective self-management;
  • Setting goals and productive planning;
  • Working well with others through understanding and cooperation;
  • Team membership and leadership skills; and
  • Developing long term strategies for ongoing success and growth

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